Christmas Yards Awards

Unfortunately, due to manpower shortage, we were not able to put the signs in the winner’s yards.
Below is listed the winners for Christmas 2011.

First place-Herbert Yeager-8021 Longridge-$75.00 Prize Money
Second place-Yolando & Angelica Salgado-8038 Longridge-$50.00 Prize Money
Third place-Carlos & Hermelinda Santelia-1929 Lynnview-$25.00 Prize Money
Honorable mention:
1954 Restridge-Josea Numez
1834 Pech-Jesse Hannibal
1926 Glosridge-Jose & Maria Corral
8409 Montridge(Name not available)
Beverly Cook and I made the “rounds” thru Ridgecrest. There were a lot of pretty houses. One thing we did not understand. A couple of streets did not have “one single Christmas Lights?.
Please contact: Doris Hinson P.O. Box 55867, Houston, TX 77055 for your check.

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A note about calling HPD

It is very important to always get the name of the person you are reporting to the City of Houston, Police Department or any other department . Without the name of the person you talked to in regards to your problem, it is impossible for them or me either to help you. With the Police Department, when you call in a complaint, ALWAYS GET THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING TO. THE MAYOR, HERSELF, DOES NOT ISSUE PERMITS FOR ANYTHING!

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City Council Passes Revamped Noise Ordinance

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Houston City Council has passed a revamped noise ordinance to provide a solid framework for complaints and citations.

The vote took place Wednesday morning and Council Member Mike Sullivan was the only ‘No’ vote.

The change could lead to more tickets being handed out. A lot of residents told us they are anxious for substantial changes while some bar owners are saying it would give too much power to police officers to subjectively issue tickets based on neighborhood complaints.

The city says it receives nearly 60,000 noise complaints per year and that today’s revisions will:

Establish clear guidelines for HPD officers to respond to loud bass music without the need for a sound meter;
Improve language by adding or deleting provisions that inhibited Officer and citizen comprehension, and the ability of the City to rigorously prosecute violations.
The penalty for violating the Noise Ordinance is being doubled: from $500 to $1000.
Revise the permit structure to make it easier to comply with requirements: extended daily (up to 5 days) and annual permit terms.
Allow the City to revoke a sound permit for non-compliance and repeat violations.
Council agreed to revisit the ordinance in six months to make sure it’s working as intended.

To report noise complaints, you may contact the HPD non-emergency line at 713-884-3131.
Article: Houston Chronicle

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Welcome to Ridgecrest Civic Club Website

Schwartz Park

Schwartz Park

Welcome to the Ridgecrest Civic Club. Ridgecrest is a deed-restricted neighborhood residing in the 77055 zip code of Houston, TX. We are a small part of Spring Branch East super neighborhood in the northwest corner of Houston. Though small in area, we have the largest civic club in the whole Super East region. Just outside of the 610 loop, we are close to downtown and even closer to many restaurants and amenities that serve our area.

Please use the navigation bar above to get around the site and see all that we have to offer. This website hopes to keep residents, both current and prospective, up to date on the happenings in Ridgecrest as well as community issues and information. If there is something you’d like to see on this site, please let us know!

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