Schwartz Park Rededication

A rededication Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 19 at 10:30 for Schwartz Park. Last Fall the City of Houston spent a considerable amount of time and money ($449.672.71) updating Schwartz Park located at 8203 Vogue. Among other things a handsome new entrance was designed and constructed.
This park adds a great deal to the quality of life in our Ridgecrest Community and it is always a pleasure to see the number of people who take advantage of its facilities. Among other things the park has a baseball field, a tennis court, paths for walking and a newly added skateboard area.
Probably the facility that draws the greatest number of people is the swimming pool. This has also been updated and is a great addition to the quality of life in this community.
Having raised my three boys in this area, my husband and I have always been grateful for the ready access to such great facilities. My boys learned to play tennis, enjoyed baseball games with their friends and hit the swimming pool almost every day of Houston’s warm summers. We appreciate that all these facilities are being kept up and modernized for the young people who live in the community now

Phyllis Miller

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