Ridgecrest Deed Restrictions Available Online

I have collected our neighborhood’s many separate deed restrictions and scanned them to PDF to host on this website. They are presented as-is, without edits or modifications. These are the copies we got from the city, and they’re the best we can find. They’re all copies of copies of copies, and the originals are probably long gone. They’re in pretty bad shape, but they should all be legible. If you have any questions about them, please let Doris or I know, or leave a reply here.

Please note that these documents were written in the late 40s and early 50s, so they’re artifacts of that period. Some of them contain language and provisions that are foreign now but were common back then. Ridgecrest, as a community, does not stand for discrimination of any kind and will not tolerate it. We have not had an issue with the language of the deed restrictions so far, and modifying the deed restrictions to take them out would invite a host of other issues that we can’t get into, but they’re still there, so reader beware.

You can find all of the Ridgecrest Deed Restrictions in the menu above.

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